Grief – Žalovanje

Do not feel guilty for being sad.
■Everyone Grieves Diffrently.
■There is no getting over my loved one.
■There are no rules in Grief.
■Putting time limits on my Grief is not healthy.
■My heart is broke not my mind.
■Sometimes I just need you to listen.
■Crying is good.
■Bad days are normal.
■Good days are normal.
■To wonder if everything you beleived in was wrong.
■When I write,listen to music or look at pictures these things are all healthy.
■People really dont know what to do when someone is in Grief.(But We’re Learning)
■When I have days where I dont do anything, but sit there like a zombie,watching sad movies, I’m okay.
■That I’m Still Learning.

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2 Responses to Grief – Žalovanje

  1. melphelps pravi:

    I understand so many things that you’ve written here x

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