Dear friend…

I had a convesation of friend who has cancer too. He said to me; “ Cancer it like a sad lottery – you can get it or not. When you buy a ticket, you never know your live’s forecast. So if you get it, you can’t need to return a ticket. No matter what you do .. cancer is here. This is a harsh fact. . So it is with other things.. Even your child don’t have cancer you can protect him for ever.. You can’t protect him from bad, sad thnigs.. He has his own live’s road, you as mother can walk next to him or with him, but you can not – even it is so painful and sad – walk him live’s road for him. “
After Jaka’s death this friend was the first that called me. “ Do you remember ‘bad lotetry’? he asked me. “ I was wrong. You get bad ticket, Jaka won a good one. For 11 year he had a person who loved him so much, that climb all hill next to him, even was so hard and painfull. I would be happy if I has such a person next to me at all times as you do for Jaka. “ he said. First I was stunned, but today I glad for his words. Thank for this, dear friend…

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